Park Shark City Platform


The ParkShark StreetCam

The product is so unbelievably simple

You monitor your own parking spaces in your own street using either the ParkSharkCam or your own webcam. We turn the image into parking spots. It is as easy as that. You can use it for yourself or you can share it with others. The more people that that share, the more of the city we will map. We will also put our own cameras if we want to fill in the gaps.

The information will be available via an API , website and APP.

Why did we take this super simple approach?

The current market is super complicated and dominated by solutions involving sensors buried in the ground linked to traffic management systems. On one hand this is logical because City wide problems have always been viewed from an industrial viewpoint solved by industrial partners.

But this is a different era. Simplification of hardware solutions has encouraged a community of makers to innovate using low cost components typified by the Arduino and raspberry-pi, and to raise funds independently using crowd-funding.

Our solution uses a combination of Arduino like hardware together with easy to use computer vision libraries so the only thing left for us to do is put it all together and write some cleaver code to glue it all together.

What could be easier!

About the test we want to do and the required funds

In the end the camera units will be €50 or less but the cost reduction takes time so that will be phase 2.

If you are in a position to help us then please make contact, we really want to do test as soon as possible


If you want to see it in action look at the first cam in the centre of amsterdam ParkShark StreetCam LIVE!!!!

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